Procedures for Use Program and Meeting Rooms

Jarrell Community Library and Resource CenterApproved 6/25/2020
Revised and Approved 7/09/2023
Procedures for the Use of Meeting and Program Rooms


Jarrell Community Library and Resource Center (JCLRC) makes its room available

under the terms of the Meeting and Program Rooms Use Policy. No specific fees are

charged, other than a $25.00 cleaning deposit. This deposit will be returned if no

additional cleaning is required after the room(s) use.

Room use outside of the JCLRC’s normal operating hours must be discussed with the

JCLRC Library Director.

It should be remembered that as a non-profit organization, JCLRC relies on the

generosity of its community for its operating expenses. Monetary donations are

gratefully accepted.

Request a Room

  1. Review the Meeting and Program Rooms Use policy here.

  2. Complete the Room Request Form, found here: Room Request Form

3. The person requesting a meeting or program room must be 18 years of age

or older, willing to assume responsibility for the group, fees or damages, and

agree to adhere to JCLRC Policies.

4. Preference is given to a resident/organization with a current valid JCLRC card

in good standing.

5. Meeting and Program rooms may be reserved one time each month; no more

than 4 times per year.

6. Your request is only a request, until confirmed by the Library Director. 

7. Once confirmed any changes must be made no later than 2 business days

prior to event.

8. Requests are mediated by JCLRC staff according to room availability and

criteria (see Meeting and Program Rooms Use Policy).

9. A notification of approval or denial will be sent to requestor.


Meeting room furniture and arrangement should be returned to its original

configuration at the end of the meeting or program.