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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Jarrell Community Library and Resource CenterApproved November 13, 2023
Interlibrary Loan Policy 

Principles and Objectives:

Interlibrary loan is a service that supports the mission of the Jarrell Community Library and Resource Center (JCLRC) by providing enhanced access to library materials and information. Interlibrary loan is a transaction in which JCLRC borrows materials directly from another library on behalf of a patron, or another library borrows materials from JCLRC on behalf of its patron.

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

  1. Patron Status. New patrons may not request an interlibrary loan until one month after registration. JCLRC patrons who have lost books, have unpaid fines or fees of any amount, have past problems with interlibrary loan materials, or are otherwise not patrons in good standing may not request interlibrary loans.
  2. Age of Patron. All patrons in good standing, regardless of age may take advantage of interlibrary loan services. If the patron is a minor, the parent or guardian must agree to accept responsibilities for any related fines or fees.
  3. Request Restrictions. While JCLRC will make every effort to locate requested materials, not everything is available through interlibrary loan. Items that are typically unavailable include, but are not limited to: bestsellers; books less than one year old; rare or archival materials; microforms; reference books; newspapers and periodicals and genealogy material. Photocopies of articles or pages from certain resources may be available, usually at a charge. Availability of audio/visual media may be limited.

Number of interlibrary loan requests per patron and related procedures are as determined by the Library Director. Interlibrary loan materials count towards a patron’s circulation limits, as defined by the Circulation Policy. JCLRC will not place interlibrary loan requests for any item currently owned by the library.

  1. Due Dates, Use and Renewal. The lending library sets the due dates of loaned materials, and may set restrictions pertaining to renewal or usage of their materials. JCLRC will strictly observe the conditions set by the lending library.
  2. Submitting a Request. A JCLRC card holder may make a request for an interlibrary loan according to library procedures. Requests for photocopies must include indication of compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.
  3. Delivery and Notification. JCLRC cannot guarantee the arrival date of any interlibrary loan materials; neither can the library guarantee the order in which multiple requests will arrive. Library staff will notify patrons when the material is available at the library.

Borrowing Fees

  1. Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items. JCLRC will impose current overdue charges for late interlibrary loan materials checked out to patrons. Should the lending library impose overdue charges, those fines will be charged to the patron. Patrons will be charged for interlibrary loan items they damage or lose as assessed by the lending library. Postage to return interlibrary loan items will be charged a flat rate of $3.00.
  2. Other charges. If the lending library imposes their own charges or any other fees and the requesting patron agrees to payment, those fees will be charged to the patron.

Interlibrary Loan Lending

  1. Other Library Requests. JCLRC endeavors to extend interlibrary loan services to all public, governmental and academic libraries. JCLRC will not accept interlibrary loan requests from individuals. 2. Request Restrictions. Photocopies of some materials may be requested, if a specific citation is given. Photocopies will be in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. If deemed appropriate, JCLRC may limit the number of items sent or set conditions of use. JCLRC will not lend the following material through interlibrary loan.
    • Microfilm
    • Reference or archival materials
    • Periodicals or newspapers
    • New books, bestsellers, or items in high demand, as determined by library staff
    • Other materials or limits as determined by the Library Director.

Lending Fees

Borrowing libraries will be charged $.20 per page for black and white photocopies and $.50 per page for color photocopies. Should JCLRC materials be returned damaged or are lost, a bill for the costs of the item will be sent to the borrowing library. JCLRC will not charge overdue fees to borrowing institutions.