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Code of Conduct Policy

Jarrell Community Library and Resource CenterApproved 6/25/2020
Revised and approved 6/13/2023
Code of Conduct Policy

The Jarrell Community Library and Resource Center (JCLRC) has adopted this Code of
Conduct Policy for the safety and comfort of all who use our facilities. Our facilities
include the building, parking lot, and the exterior grounds used for library programming.
JCLRC patrons and visitors are expected to observe the rules of common courtesy.
Those using and working in the library have the right to expect a safe, comfortable
environment that supports library services.
We expect our customers to treat JCLRC property, staff, and all other visitors with

  • Do not engage in conversation or behaviors that disturbs, harasses, or threatens
  • the safety of others.
  • Treat library property with respect and use materials in an appropriate manner.
  • Avoid excessive noise from conversation, phone use, or personal electronic
  • devices
  • Be attentive to your own belongings. Responsibility for loss or theft remains the
  • individuals’ responsibility.
  • Adhere to all other existing JCLRC Policies.
  • Adhere to staff’s directives regarding food and drinks, and the areas in which
  • food and drinks are allowed. All drinks should be in a container with a lid.
  • Service animals are permitted which meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (
  • ADA) definition as a “dog or miniature horse that has been individually trained to
  • do work, or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.”

Behaviors that are not permitted on JCLRC property.

  • Smoking, whether tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or e-cigarettes.
    Possessing, consuming, distributing, or being under the influence of alcohol,
    cannabis, THC-infused products, illegal drugs, or controlled substances.
  • Loitering for prolonged periods.
  • Using the restrooms for anything other than their intended purpose.
  • Disrupting others use of the JCLRC facilities.
  • Careless consumption of food or drinks.

The JCLRC Director, Library staff and designated volunteers are responsible for the
enforcement of this Code of Conduct Policy. Visitors’ misconduct may result in a verbal
warning, denial of specific privileges, or denial of the right to use the JCLRC for a
specified time period.
If JCLRC staff directives are not followed, other appropriate action may be taken, up to
and including the involvement of the appropriate law enforcement agency for adults,
and the notification of the parents/guardians of minors. JCLRC staff will follow
established procedures for recording and reporting the incident.
Appeals relating to suspension of library service privileges and/or revocation of
privileges to enter the library premises shall be made to the Board of Directors.